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‘Three New Products in Robot White’ Microsoft Unveils New Bundles of Xbox Joy.

Since our future begins on the 14th of November when Fallout 76 finally drops into stores. Microsoft have decided that maybe a nice new coat of paint is in order.

Three new rather stellar bundles will be on offer, all in robot white, coming to all Xbox fans in the next few months.

Naturally topping this list is the Fallout 76 Xbox One X bundle that will be on sale come the day that the vaults finally open. The Robot White Bundle will set you back $499.99 and pre orders of it will give consumers access to the closed Break-IT Early Test Application (or B.E.T.A) where gamers can get exclusive access to the game before release.

Coming a little earlier, on October 16th is the White Special Edition of the Xbox Elite Controller. To the uninitiated the Elite controller is just that, coming with extra buttons, fully customisable thumb-pads and the ability to change exactly how each button responds. The Elite is a controller made for the Elite gamer. Now in white! It doesn’t come cheap at $149.99 but the hefty price tag comes with one of the best and most versatile controllers on the market.

Finally, coming October 8th is the long time Xbox Collaborator and purveyor of incredibly fine gaming headphones Turtle Beach and the newly white Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp Performance Gaming Audio System for Xbox One. The successor of the original and quite frankly phenomenal Elite Pro, the Elite Pro 2 uses all of the goodness that made the original great with the edition of the SuperAmp, a one-dial audio controller designed to give gamers the best control possible with a dedicated mobile app and a fully customisable layout.

Despite some naysayers saying that the Xbox and Microsoft’s gaming division may be in trouble I believe the future is bright for the Xbox, even if it is just the new paint job.

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