Gear.Club 2 Unlimited – Review

Being a fan of Forza Horizon on the Xbox, I was looking forward to playing Gears.Club Unlimited 2 on the Nintendo Switch, so I had very high expectations.

When you play Gears Club 2 Ultimate for the first time you can tell the developer understands racing games. Eden Games was established in Lyon in France in 2002, they are known for the V-Rally series, Test Drive Unlimited and Alone in the Dark on consoles. In 2013 they became an independent developer and launched the original Gear.Club on iOS, Apple TV and Android. Last year we saw Gear.Club Unlimited and this year a follow up with Gear.Club Unlimited 2 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Gears Club 2 offers a campaign mode as well multiplayer. Campaign mode has a storyline to follow; a test driver is given the opportunity to take the place of a professional driver. Story is told through character images with text through out the game.

As you progress through the game you are able to upgrade your car and continue to represent your team. There are more than 50 cars within the game including Porsches and a Bugatti Veyron. I started with a Mini Cooper and had to work my way up. Being a fan of the Mini Cooper it didn’t handle as well as I would hope, but later cars handle much better.

You race against 12 other cars, time attacks, and elimination races (where every 20 seconds the slowest car is eliminated). You get to drive in the Alps, Yellowstone Park, a dessert and the shores of the Mediterranean.

The AI of driver can be a little frustrating at times but there is an option to reverse time by a few seconds. Simply press the X button and use the left joystick to rewind to where you want to pick up from. You can use the reverse option as many times as you want per race. This is very handy if you touch a barrier as that can really slow you down.

There is an option to upgrade your car in the performance shop. You can purchase and install new parts – tires, breaks and even engines as well cosmetic options to personalise your car. The game also gives you the ability to customise your own garage layout. This is a unique element of the game and well worth investing time in. 

Multiplayer game allows for split screen on the same Switch and the option to play online with other players.

Gears Club 2 may not be the best looking racing game but the visuals are still impressive. You get to see snow in the mountains, the sands of the dessert and water and greenery of the Mediterranean. On the other hand sometimes the race can feel lifeless with little going on outside the track.

The car do lack lighting effects and no matter how many accidents you have, your car never appears damaged. This does distract from the overall quality of the graphics.

Every race has a racing line on the track. This help you keep your car on the road especially during turns. There are three colours, green means you are on track, yellow ease back on the gas and red time to break.

The car in general car handles well, but handling could be a little tighter, I do like the way the cars slide on ice, which adds an interesting element to the game. 

When you race there is no music you can only hear the sound the sound of your engine. I would hope there an option to add music later updates.

There are something which can be improved like the AI as well as the load times, but it doesn’t necessary distract from the fun I had with Gear Club 2 Unlimited. With the ability to test drive other cars, upgrade your cars, customise your garage and the multiplayer options there is a lot to do.


A fun racing game, even for non racing fans. Well worth looking at.


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